Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Coronavirus doily Part 9

This round has a lot of start-and-stop to it, but it’s the next-to-last round, and the last one will be continuous.  You will (I hope) appreciate the pickiness of this round later…  Wind two shuttles with two different colors, then take the two threads and tie them together with a square knot.  The ends may be worked into the first two rings – that’s part of the pickiness of this, I’m afraid.  I really wanted a bright golden yellow in this round and very sharp eyes may note this is not the same gauge as the other threads.  It seems to work anyway because this ring isn’t structural – I wanted that color there as a sort of gleam of hope in the center of the flower… if you assume the purple is a flower.  You could, of course, make things very slightly easier on yourself and use a single color here. 

Using the main color and tatting in the tail, R: 7+ (join to a p on previous round) 5-7-5. 
After closing the ring, use a fine crochet hook to make a shuttle-join / lock join to the join made in the previous round.  Which means you’re joining to a picot two rounds back. 
R: 5+5-6-4.
Using the second thread-color shuttle, R: 4+3-3-4.
Cut the second thread color and work its tail into the next ring.
R: 4+6-5-5.
After closing this ring, repeat the lock join to the same place as before.
R: 5+7-5+ (to next p of round below) 7.  This last join is tricky, but yes, you can do it!
Cut thread and sew in ends. 
Leaving two picots completely free, Repeat around.  There will be 22 of these flowers around the doily and it will take a little time.  It will take me just a little more time to finish it...

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thank you for your talents and sharing them with us