Sunday, May 24, 2020

Coronavirus Doily - the grand finale!

At last!  It took a while but I hope you'll agree it's worth it! 
I'd like to think this has some correspondence to this time when we're all working on our own stuff - and ourselves - and will come out of it with great appreciation for how beautiful everyone is, the beauty around us and the beauty we've created...  this pattern uses a bunch of esoteric techniques you'll be so much more comfortable with now, so perhaps it was useful as well as pretty.

Wind a shuttle and ball CTM.  In fact, if you’re planning ahead, wind at least two shuttles full and cut from the ball, then wind a third shuttle and leave attached to the ball.  The number of  filled shuttles you’ll need will, of course, depend on your thread size – I used size 50.  And, incidentally, the finished doily in size 50 is  about 12 inches in diameter.  Note: there's an odd symbol here  you'll see twice because blogger wouldn't let me transfer a dingbat into the pattern - it's a place to take note of because it's the spot you'll return to for repeats.

R: 8-8+ (to a bottom R of previous section) 8+ (to CH p of previous round) 8.
&*& R: 7+ (use a fine crochet hook to join to the joining p several rounds back (see photo) meaning you’re crossing over the previous CH round to join in the same space) 7.
R: 8+ (to next free p on CH round 8+ (to bottom R of previous section – this will be the next flower cluster) 8-8.
CH: 5-5
R: 4+ (to last p on previous R) 12+ (to next R of same flower cluster) 8-8.
CH: 5-5
R: 4+ (to last p on previous R) 12 --- (this is a long picot, which will pull up to be about ½ inch high in size 20 thread….  You’ll need to experiment with other size threads, because it will become a double picot and you’ll need to join to it three times more) 1+ (back to the long p) 15.
{{CH: 5-5-5-5
R: 7+ (join to double p) 7.}} twice
CH: 5-5-5-5
R: 16+ (to double p) 12-4.
CH: 5-5
R: 8+ (to R p) 8+ (to 4th p on flower cluster) 12-4.
CH: 5-5
R: 8+ (to last R p) 8+ to fifth p on flower cluster) 8+ (to next free CH p) 8+

Repeat from &*& around.  You’ll be ending with CH: 5-5, join to base of first R, tie, cut and sew in ends.

Dampen, block, paying attention to the middles of the flower clusters and the middles of the points - they seem to want to twist! and press.

And if you've gotten this far - congratulations and thank you for bearing with me.  I hope I get to see what yours looks like!

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