Thursday, December 29, 2016

Spent a lot of time this year making presents - here are a few that went to some close family members.  I have to say each of these was my favorite when I was working on it.

Antique redwork embroidery made this old-fashioned-looking lap quilt. 

I stockpiled fabric with a tea theme for several years to be able to make this one!

A whole bunch of Christmas fabrics went into this one

And this one, which uses some darker holiday-themed fabrics.  Finally, I made this one

for the person who's something of an elegant minimalist...  but I wasn't done.  There were still Bill's red socks to knit - I took them everywhere and added a stitch or a round whenever I had a few spare moments; and then, needing some quick small gifts to go into holiday cards, I made these extremely simple bookmarks

by crocheting a chain onto a charm with doubled-size 10 thread, then finishing the chain with a tassel.  Folded into a holiday card, I gave them to people in my newest bone-builders class.  It was fun to see who picked which!

New Year's resolutions - and I'm starting already, because having resolved, I see no reason to wait - I'm going through my studio, paring down.  Having a few quilts planned for the winter, I thought it was time to get a bit more organized, so when the recipient of the redwork quilt offered to help me sort, I spent a day going through quilting fabric.  She took home a little, and another box worth was slated for giveaway.  So there's just a bit less to deal with as I begin winter projects!