Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Elves on over-drive!  Someone mentioned a dearth of tatting showing up here.  But my shuttles have not been sitting quietly.  I made myself a promise at the beginning of the year that I'd spread more tatting around than previously - and I have.  Today the first of the "bookmark brigade"

made its way to their intended recipients.  Here are most of the ones I made for this group of people.  At a Wednesday Afternoon Club meeting, I offered each person a bookmark for a holiday present.   Each person had brought a contribution to the local food pantry plus gifts for mental health day-patients.  No one expected to actually receive a present themselves, which made it even more fun.  "But who am I supposed to send this to?" one person asked, confused, hardly believing it was a present for her.  Everyone seemed really impressed.  That these are all tatted made them more special.  "I'm putting mine straight in my Bible," said another.

For today's second act, I finished the binding on

this twin-sized quilt for someone I only know as Christmas adoption  "number 23" - an older person without funds and alone at Christmas who had very little on her wish-list other than bedding for a twin-sized bed.  The quilt was pleasant to work on, the pattern was quick, and I had it professionally quilted so I only needed to trim it and bind the edges.

It feels particularly, wonderfully, holiday-spirited to know people are getting good surprises they didn't expect...  But the elves are not done yet!

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