Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dishcloths/ personal wash cloths are easy and addictive.  Everyone needs them - unless they've got a maid, in which case, that person needs them.  But they're not just dishcloths - they're spa cloths, wash cloths - and a small one can be a great item on which to rest a bar of artisanal or glycerine soap, which can soak into the cloth instead of making a gooey mess in a soap dish, and THEN be used as a spa cloth, wash cloth or laundry booster.  I have one in my closet I only use when washing my eyes - its distinctive colors make it easy to find.  I crochet them because crocheted cloths are sturdier and don't stretch out and look like rags after laundering.

As you can see from the photo, if you look at the cloth laid out on the far right

you can even use your odds and ends of cotton to good effect.  The shop seems to collect cotton yarns - possibly mostly because I love using them.  There's hand-dyed cotton, which I'm suggesting because I love the diffused punch of its colors; and solid colors, and a few cotton blends in lighter weights, and commercial organic cotton.  Whatever you use,, choose a slightly smaller hook than you think you'll need - I used a size G with the 8-ply worsted-weight cotton (similar to sugar and cream TM) and I really liked the results.  I can relax and make the cloth looser or be less relaxed and make it tighter - it works all the time.

And the pattern is easy because...  you follow the same instructions for every row.  
Chain 25.  
SC in first chain from hook, dc in next ch, * sc in next ch, dc in next ch repeating from the * until you have 24 stitches, going up and down, across the row.

** Turn, ch 1.   SC in next ch, dc in next ch, across the row.  You should be putting a sc where a double was and a dc where a single was - because you've got an even number of stitches.
Repeat from ** until you've got only 4 wingspans of yarn left.  For the uninitiated (to my pattern directions) "wingspan" is the amount you hold between two outstretched arms.

Lastly, you'll want to finish all edges with reverse single crochet around the cloth's circumference.  You can find a you-tube video of reverse sc here

Crochet two or three or five, fold them neatly, tie with a ribbon as shown in the photo, package it up with a bar of soap - and you've got a small (or medium-sized) one-size-fits-all present for appreciating someone on your list!

Please be sure to check out the shop's facebook page (gracefulartsfiberstudioyarnshop) for information on the yarns used as well as shop info...  and the fifth in the "Twelve Gifts of Christmas" series.

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