Thursday, February 26, 2015

I fully intended to post once a week but something happened – for the second time this year, I got really, really, stay-in-bed-and-shake-with fever sick. This wasn’t quiet time – I was also coughing nonstop. This was actually the continuation of the first bronchitis which began the day after Christmas. So it while it might not be the longest-running bronchitis/cold/flu/bronchitis in the annals of medicine, it IS the longest continuous illness in the history of me. Despite the weather (this is an essential part of the seasonal "find the firewood" game) and the other stuff, I did get a few things done. This was done earlier in the year, but since it’s now on its way to being delivered, by the person who kindly held up the blanket, I can post it. It’s a baby blanket made for an expected-in-early March baby boy. I backed the navy blue velour with fleece (a corner is folded down so you can see the other side) then quilted the two together with spirals. It will be machine washable – and warm. And because both the fleece and the velour are wide, should be useful past the newborn time. This tatted doily, a re-creation of an 1867 pattern by Mlle. Riego, took about 25 hours to create. Near the end I almost panicked, sure I’d run out of thread. Thankfully, I didn’t, but it was close. This is for an article about Riego for the bulletin of the International Organization for Lace, Inc. (I’m the tatting editor). I was very pleased with the way it came out. One of the dumbest things I did this year (so far) happened on a day I was trying to get a tatting proposal finished. It was snowing hard, I’d just started the second round of antibiotics, I was feeling really sick – and my computer died. I slogged through two feet of snow to the car, carrying bits of my taken-apart computer, a pocket full of "Fisherman's Friend" lozenges and a roll of toilet paper for my running nose, drove to town to the computer repair shop and got it fixed, got the proposal complete and sent off and went to bed. This is one of the proposed projects – a tatted amigurumi angel. I like her a lot. Now it’s time to stop complaining. I went to teach at a wonderful new tatting conference – in Florida – with some of my favorite people, at the perfect time of year for a little sunshine. The amulet bags are something I’ve been working on this year, they’re fun to tat and you feel like you’ve done something interesting and significant. I also designed these “Knot More Sunshine” earrings (they’ll be in the May Tatting Times) for the conference. And, because I knew I’d be coming back to winter – inadequately dressed in most respects – I started and finished this alpaca cowl, which was fun and easy knitting on size 9 needles. The yarn was dyed with indigo; I traded during the last crafts sale of the season – a pair of mittens for this skein of yarn. I think we were both pleased. And it’s true – alpaca is warm but not itchy. And I love the color. I finished it in Florida and wore it home. Where I’m continuing to need it. Of course.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Quick update - the purse rings are now sold - the doll heads are still available!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Twice in the past week, I've had to play "find the car" (under a foot or so of snow) also "driveway roulette" - "Yup, you got DOWN the driveway, want to take bets on whether you'll be able to get UP?" But while it was blizzarding, I got a bit of stuff done. Okay, would you believe 15 knitting bags? (or lace supplies bags, or spinning bags, or crocheting bags or even overnight bags.) I occasionally dump out all the crafts stuff from mine and use it when I travel, because it's squashy, so it will fit anywhere. They're mostly for the shop, and to take along to fiber events and the occasional crafts sale. One is definitely too weird - darn it, that will have to be mine... (As if I minded). They're lined, so they take a while. But they're all fabric, and I discovered they do well in the wash. Here's a sample - doesn't the red one on the left look like tatting shuttles? (for more information on these, look at the gracefulartsfiberstudioyarnshop page on FB)
This is the one that's mine. Red isn't usually my color, but I feel a certain affection for this collection of orphan scraps of tapestry. By the way, I've got a bunch or other orphan scraps up for grabs - meaning for free if you pick them up, or just for the postage, if you want them delivered (whatever I can stuff in a flat-rate envelope). Just let me know.
And because I'm often knitting or crocheting with someone else in mind, I've made a few more Seneca Santa hats (I made six this week, thanks to my friend Sarah who gave me some bulky acrylic yarn in pretty colors, but I'm sure you've seen enough of those for a while) and finished this shawl. It's for my friend Sylvia, who is no longer able to knit and has given me a lot of her exquisite yarn stash. I started out not liking this color much, and ended up loving it. It's a silk and wool blend, and it was a dream to knit. This is getting mailed to Sylvia soon, but I'm 99% sure she isn't reading this blog, so Sylvia, if I'm wrong, please be surprised when you get it!
Finally, trying to keep to my new year's resolution of de-stashing some of my personal hoard of crafts supplies, these are items that want to leave home and go where they'll be loved and used by another crafter. These are the first installment... 5 pairs of bamboo purse handles, 9 pairs of plastic rings and D-style handles - 14 pairs total, $12 + shipping. Porcelain doll heads in two styles and different sizes. About 10 of the blonde sleeping angel style, 10 of the 3 1/4 inch tall brown-haired lady (closeup shown in an unfinished gold dress) and about 24 of the same style but 2 1/4 inches tall. $1.50 each plus shipping or all for $50 plus shipping. 2-3