Sunday, August 5, 2012

Off to a wedding today. The bride and groom requested (most of) these colors; admittedly the orange was added to set off the others. Making this quilt was a labor of love. I actually made two quilts more or less at the same time, but I can’t post the other one yet – it’s not time for it to go to its new home.
This sweater took about 15 months to complete and happened amidst a lot of other things, with tatting taking the uppermost priority. I finally finished it this morning. It’s mostly cotton with a little nylon for shine and stability. It was fun to knit (which doesn’t explain why it took so long); and feels good finished and on my back. Despite its weight, it was a comfortable airy sweater for a hot, hot day, and I can’t quite bring myself to take it off yet! Luckily, it stopped raining just in time for the ceremony, and it held off pouring until we were back inside the synagogue. Earlier this week, feeling a surge in clean-up energy, I began to consider
what I might move out of the way, and decided to do the long-awaited spray painting of tins saved by fellow tatters for future Tatting Seminar gatherings. The ones that are metallic gray (car paint, as it turns out) are for the 2013 gathering; the little white ones are for 2014. About half the larger ones (40 of them!) are already labeled and packed; the rest await a lower-humidity day to be finished.