Wednesday, November 2, 2011

As of today, the last issues of the November Tatting Times are in the mail. Every issue, I’ve got a favorite pattern, and this “Christmas cookies” design is the current fave. It uses the ‘wandering wheel’ technique and was simply a pleasure to tat. I’m thinking I’ll do it again in a variegated, just for the fun of it. It looks smaller than it actually is because it’s sitting on a large dinner plate – it’s actually a little more than 6” across.

The magazine went out in three increments – this is the batch that went out Friday.

And here’s what I was doing when I wasn’t tatting or knitting (or working) - the jam is on the top shelf, then heading downwards, tomatoes and peaches, more peaches, more tomatoes, plums and the last two jars of last year’s sauerkraut, then a full (unseen) shelf of sauerkraut beneath that. You also can’t see the six market baskets with more canned tomatoes, applesauce, Catawba grape jam (though it might remain as a sort of sauce)… and no one can see the lime marmalade I’m planning to make on Friday.

Back to tatting and Tatting Times – I’m starting a major winter de-stash. If you are a Tatting Times reader, add a comment below and you have one of two chances to win a batch of tatting goodies including (among the goodies) a skein of my hand dyed thread. Winner will be chosen at random November 6 in the early morning.


Robert said...

Your canned fruits sound good. Could I get your lime marmalade recipe? I made several batches of pepper jell to put in/over cream cheese. Received your latest Tatting Times and yes that doily looked interesting. Sent my renewal. Robert, in northern Iowa.

Sharon said...

I'm always interested in tatting goodies. My tatting times arrived on Monday.

Karen said...

Tatting Times arrived today! I've been tatting bracelets for Christmas gifts and now I will include a Christmas Present bookmark with them! Your patterns are fantastic. The Christmas Cookie Doily is tempting but will have to be put on hold until current projects are done. Karen in OR

Fox said...

Have not yet received My Tatting Times, but am eagerly awaiting it - love the look of the Christmas Cookie.

I cannot believe the canning you have done! - amazing.

Please count me in for the de-stash draw!
Fox : )

Martha said...

I love goodies..

I'm looking forward to this issue of TT.

Isdihara said...

May I request two back issues of Tatting Times?

(I cannot seem to locate your email, so I am trying this avenue of communication.)

1. November 2005 issue
2. November 2011 issue

Contact me offline to discuss:

jennifer said...

yum. canned goods. I put up. pears, and pickled vegetables, but just a few tomatoes. It was a bad season for tomatoes at my house.

JB said...

Your jars of canned goods look beautiful. That is a LOT of hard work. I received my Tatting Times. Love the charm you included. Thanks so much.

Tatskool said...

Looking forward to receiving my TattingbTimes, always a treat.
Your stash of jars looks wonderful, so does the Doiley.

Bonnie said...

Thank you for Tatting Times. I can only imagine the amount of work it must be. Please know that I appreciate it.