Sunday, May 22, 2011

I think I may have come up with something. Which is always so much better than coming DOWN with something, right? But I haven’t seen this anywhere before and I find it intriguing.

Finalizing bookmark designs for my IOLI classes in early August, I was finishing a bookmark in pearl tatting and that “what if” intuition kicked in. What if… I used two threads in the pearl tatting method to tat a Josephine chain? I started with one color… hmmm… I could already see it looked intriguing. So I tried two.

Pearl tatting is also sometimes called Maltese tatting. Maltese in cats means gray, so I’m not sure how this form of tatting got dubbed Maltese. Maybe someone will tell me. Particularly because the Maltese ring, while similar to a Maltese (pearl tatted) chain is also quite different. Here is a started bookmark in three colors. I’ll be playing with this design a while longer, but in three colors, you can really see what this chain looks like.

Or almost. What you can’t quite see is the texture head-on. I can’t quite see it either unless I take off my glasses and regard it cross-eyed. (Easy for me, probably more difficult for you. But you can FEEL it.) Using two threads to tat the Josephine, you end up with something that looks more like rick-rack – it’s flatter than the usual Josephine or spiral chain. Which definitely makes it nicer for a bookmark.
Here’s how I tatted it –
Using one thread, I made five of the second half of the stitch, and then a sort of roll(not a stitch but a passing the shuttle over the thread to set the spiral; drop that first thread, pick up the second and repeat.

Try it and let me know what you think?


Isdihara said...

This looks fabulous! Never in my life have I been so frustrated to not have any unspoken-for shuttles. I'm going to go beg Lacy Susan (who lives close to me) to let me drop by for an emergency buying spree! Gotta try this!

Miranda said...

That's really cool!

Anonymous said...

I have so enjoyed reading your post as my DH and I were Civil War reenactors for the Confederacy. I always enjoyed tatting at the events. I love the idea of a tatting version of a housewife what a cute idea!! I always had to be careful what tatting I did because as you say the chain was not a part of the earlier tatting but came around the end of the war. I love Gettysburg and enjoyed our one trip there.