Sunday, January 31, 2010

Had to fit this in before January was absolutely, completely over. It’s been a busy month with a lot of article-writing, a whole lot of tatting, a bunch of spinning, and a fair amount of afghan construction.
Here’s at least one early sign of spring – some tatted peeps – these are in the February Tatting Times, which has already gone out to the first batch of subscribers. The blue one was the basic one; on the green one I added more of a tail – and the variegated one, which is actually quacking, definitely did not work in variegateds – it’s included as a sort of cautionary example.
The first batch of homelessness afghans already went to Detroit; I’m hoping to get more finished within the next week. It’s one of those every-evening-sit-down-and-work –away-at-it endeavors – a lot of crocheting and sewing with only small incremental changes for weeks at a time.

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