Sunday, June 28, 2009

Realizing yesterday I had only three days til the garden party, the knitting continues. The back and one front are now done, the second front is in progress. Now it’s just today and Monday… But I paused to try a gauge swatch for the mohair, deciding it will have to be some sort of cardigan; and to finish a crazy-quilt tatted pincushion, started a few weeks ago. This is the first prototype of a class I’m teaching more than a year from now – I had to finish it and photograph it to give the organizers an idea of what I meant. Not entirely sure it’s glitzy enough – I meant it to have a tatted charm, and I think some of the tatting on it might be too big. Of course there will be more crazy-tatted experiments unfolding eventually … but meanwhile, back to the knitting.


Tanya said...

that pincushion is just lovely, a nice combo of crazy quilting and tatting! Well done. I miss you and all the fellow NY tatters..especially right now as I am home resting and waiting for the little one to come!

TattingChic said...

What a pretty pincushion! I love that there are tatted bits on there! :)