Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On the cusp of a new year - resolutions

Most years I refrain from making resolutions - there are so many I make privately I fail to keep. Losing weight: I promise myself each year I can do it. I can - but don't. This year I'm going public with a new resolution - to reduce my stashes of papers, fabric and yarn. Like chocolate, I've rarely met a fabric or yarn I don't like. So much potential in bolt and skein... and now, so many stashes! But I'm determined - I know I can do it! And I will. I will. I've started already... and more on that later. Today I looked through two large tubs of stashed yarn to put a good-sized box together for someone I don't know, though I've got much sympathy for her. She's a fugitive from an abusive husband, and her social worker, a friend of mine, asked for knitting yarn and needles she can use to knit for her children. I have to admit, I won't miss the yarn, I have so much - and it's a pleasure to give her some good stuff too. There's enough of each kind for her to make some warm things for her children - including sweaters - and something nice for herself as well. Feels good to have one box less to put away; and of course, while doing this I also found enough raw materials for several days of stash-busting projects.