Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January 30, 2008

If loading the picture worked, here's a partial view of some of the projects I've worked on completing this month - it's been a time of trying to get something done every day - or at least as often as possible. So hopefully you're seeing a pair of completed brown hand-knitted socks for almost-grandson Kyle - he got them and immediately put them on and pronounced them "Cool!" - the hoped-for response from someone with large feet. Lime-green washcloths were ornamented with tatting to send to my daughter, so she's got a taste of home in Panama. As a prolific tatter and designer, I always have lots of snippets of lace around, things that got started and abandoned thanks to a mistake, or things that were simply experiments. I like these on linens. I've found that towels, pillowcases and kitchen linens with tatting on them are just much more fun to use. and then there's that blue sock - it's an experiment in toe-up knitting for a workshop I'm giving this Saturday.

More later...